Computer Superheroes


Alan Turing

Birth: June 23, 1912
Death: June 7, 1954
Major Academic Events: Went to the University of Cambridge to study mathematics. Then, he got a Ph.D. at Princeton University in mathematical logic.
Contributions to Computer Science: He worked for the British government to crack codes sen by Nazis. He also invented the Turing Machine, which was a machine that could assess a computer's ability to have human thoughts. Turing designed the Automatic Computing Engine (ACE), which was the first complete blueprint for a all-purpose digital computer.

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Ada Lovelace

Birth: December 10, 1815
Death: November 27, 1852
Major Academic Events: She was educated by tutors, and mostly self-taught, though mathematician-logician Augustus De Morgan often helped her in her studies.
Contributions to Computer Science: She was one of the first computer programmers, and helped to create the Analytical Engine, which was one of the first computers ever. While she didn't create the whole thing, she made detailed annotations about the Analytical Engine.

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